Access Service Account File

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To get set up with AutoQL, you will first require access to a Service Account File.


The information contained in this doc is specific to the Integrator Portal

All information contained in this section of the docs pertains specifically to actions that can be taken through the Integrator Portal.

In the Portal

Once you've logged into the Integrator Portal, navigate to the AutoQL Setup section where you'll find the information and resources you'll need to set up and manage your AutoQL deployment. The first step you'll need to take is accessing and decrypting your Service Account File.

What is a Service Account File?

The Service Account File is an encrypted file containing the information you will need to create authentication (JWT) tokens and initialize your access to the AutoQL API.

Accessing Your Service Account File

To generate your Service Account File, navigate to AutoQL Setup and click on Service Account. Here, you'll find detailed instructions outlining steps to receive, download, and decrypt your Service Account File.


Access to the Service Account File is restricted to the Portal Owner in your organization

The Service Account File is only accessible through the Integrator Portal and only the primary account holder (User Role: Owner) has permission to access this File.

Downloading Your Service Account File

To get started, you will need to set up your Service Account.

In the Portal, navigate to AutoQL Set Up: Authentication.


Your encrypted Service Account File contains everything you need to create authentication tokens and access the AutoQL API.

After clicking DOWNLOAD SERVICE ACCOUNT FILE, you will receive an email containing decryption details and instructions.


Allow up to 5 minutes for this email to come through

If you do not receive this email within this timeframe, check your Spam/Junk folder and reach out to our team at [email protected] if you are still experiencing issues.

Decrypting Your Service Account File

You will need to copy and paste the password you receive by email to decrypt and access your Service Account File.

What’s Next

Once you have received, downloaded, and decrypted your file, use it to Create a JSON Web Token