AutoQL for Integrators

Integrators are software development companies or solution providers that implement AutoQL within their application.

We know that data is a vital resource for every business you serve. We also know that the process of accessing and analyzing data is a headache (at best) and downright impossible (at worst) for many software solution providers.

To meet the needs of your customers and users, valuable internal resources are frequently pulled to navigate databases behind-the-scenes and respond to ad hoc reporting requests. Most software providers don’t want to spend hours on support channels, generating custom reports, or losing users to spreadsheets and business intelligence tools, but they are not met with many viable alternatives.

Instead of settling for "good enough" data and user management processes, committing to building sophisticated new solutions and features in-house, or pushing users to third-party tools, AutoQL gives Integrators the power to flip the script and transform the way they facilitate data experiences from their applications.

With AutoQL, Integrators can:

  • Significantly reduce the volume of incoming support tickets and subsequent related costs.
  • Leverage internal resources for high-value tasks and leave ad hoc reporting requests to AutoQL.
  • Gain a competitive advantage over other companies who offer limited or rigid reporting options.
  • Offer an elevated experience to users by enabling simple and seamless access to their data, whenever they need it.
  • Increase user engagement with their application and earn greater loyalty to their brand.