About Our Widgets

Discover how to build your own conversational UI using our flexible open source widgets, including step-by-step instructions for implementing using React or Vanilla Javascript frameworks.

Once we've set up a data source connection and built a custom machine learning model specific to your database, it'll be your turn to build your custom conversational user interface. We've developed flexible front end widgets to make this process seamless and simple. You're welcome to customize and use our widgets however you like -- all components are MIT licensed and open source -- or build freely on top of our API.

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We currently offer React Widgets, Vanilla JS Widgets, iOS Components, and Android Components. All widget components are open source.


All our UI widgets are included in one library. Once installed, each individual widget can be imported separately, as needed. Toggle between the tabs (below) to view the unique libraries.

# using npm
$ npm install react-autoql@<<reactVersion>>

# using yarn
$ yarn add react-autoql@<<reactVersion>>

# or add them to your package.json
"react-autoql": "<<reactVersion>>"
# using npm
$ npm install autoql@<<vanillaVersion>>

# using yarn
$ yarn add autoql@<<vanillaVersion>>

# or add them to your package.json
"autoql": "<<vanillaVersion>>"
  <script src="https://cdn.chata.io/autoql/v<<vanillaVersion>>/autoql-min.js"></script>
# Add the following to your podfile
pod 'chata'
Install from source from https://github.com/chatatechnologies/android-autoql or see the Android Data Messenger guide for more options


FamilyCurrent ReleaseMajor Past Releases
Vanilla JS3.

Full version history of the widgets distributed with NPM can be found on their respective NPM pages, linked below.

Environment Support

All modern browsers are supported. However, support for voice-to-text is currently only available in Google Chrome.



Voice-to-text button is supported in Google Chrome only and will fail silently in other browsers.


You will require an API key and a custom API domain to query your database through our widgets. Additionally, we require that you pass in a valid JWT token to be used on every endpoint call.

For more information on these requirements or to learn how to retrieve/refresh your token, please visit the security section of our docs.

Contributing Feedback

If you'd like to help us improve our widgets, please feel free to make a Pull Request, or report an Issue.