Custom Language Model

Once high-quality training data is generated, we get to work training a robust, custom Language ModelLanguage Model - A language model learns to predict the probability of a sequence of words and is used in information retrieval. Language Modeling is one of the most important parts of modern Natural Language Processing (NLP). specific to your individual database. Once this custom language model is developed and you've made it accessible through your frontend (through one of our complimentary widgets or your own conversational reporting UI), users can simply ask data-related queries in their own words and receive relevant results in seconds.

AutoQL's custom language model:

  • Receives, understands, and reasons through NL queryNL query - A query expressed in human, not computer, language. Consists only of normal terms in the user's language, allowing a user to enter terms in any form, including a statement, a question, or a simple string of words. inputs
  • Enables the dynamic translation of NL queries to database query languagedatabase query language - A query language or database query language is a computer language used to make queries in databases and information systems. Database query languages allow the creation of database tables, read/write access to those tables, and many other functions.
  • Facilitates the action (search, calculation, or other) necessitated by the NL query
  • Generates and returns relevant results within seconds