AutoQL for Customers & Users

Customers are any business or group who use the software application made available by the Integrator. A User is any person who engages with or has access to the software application.

AutoQL gives your customers and/or business users the ability to query their data using natural language. When users ask questions in their own words, AutoQL understands the query, translates that query to a database language appropriate for their database, and returns relevant data within seconds.

  • Natural Language (NL) - Natural language means human language, or the words we use to communicate. Natural language is distinct from typically artificial commands or programming language one may otherwise be accustomed to (or required to use) when communicating with a computer.

  • Query - To query is to question (to ask or make a request for information). In the context of data, a query is a request for data or information contained in a database table or combination of tables.

When it comes to conversational data experiences, there's no shortage of benefits.

With AutoQL, customers and/or business users can expect to:

  • Gain immediate and seamless access to data, available at anytime, on their terms.
  • Transform the way they interact with data for the better. Simply ask questions to explore data, uncover trends, spot anomalies, and derive insights.
  • Boost productivity and efficiency by getting more work done within the application or workflow they are already in. No need to navigate to spreadsheets or use other tools.
  • Reduce and even eliminate the need to submit support tickets or contact a technical resource to fulfill ad hoc data requests.
  • Easily adopt the concept of interacting with data conversationally and experience success immediately, regardless of technical aptitude or experience working with data. AutoQL meets users where they are at, with zero learning curve required.