Intro to the Integrator Portal

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What is the AutoQL Integrator Portal?

As developers ourselves, we know it can be frustrating to do one-off tasks in all the APIs we use, so we wanted to simplify these kinds of processes when it came to our own API.

The AutoQL Integrator Portal (Portal) is a web app designed to help you implement and successfully manage your AutoQL deployment. It contains tools for developers, data for product managers, and serves as a helpful and easy-to-navigate graphical user interface (GUI) that enables you to facilitate many functionalities of the API.

What Principles Guide the AutoQL Integrator Portal?

1. Nothing should be possible through our Portal that isn't possible through our API, barring actions that pose security risks.

If you want to automate anything you do in the Portal, you should be able to. We don't want to get in the way of automating your processes.

2. The Portal should be transparent to the API.

If you understand the API, we want the Portal to be intuitive to you. Likewise, if you understand the Portal, we want the API to be intuitive to you. We know you have enough on your plate, learning one new thing is more than enough.

3. We'll eat our own dog food.

We use our own React Widgets wherever possible in building the Portal. This has two benefits for you. First, we're doubly motivated to fix any bugs that crop up. Second, you'll get used to using natural language to query data even before your integration is live.

4. Meeting & exceeding modern web app table stakes.

We could have filled this list with platitudes about performance, design, availability, and all sorts of different buzzwords. But honestly, those are simply expected these days. They're table stakes. You can count on these best practices driving the development and support of the Portal on an ongoing basis.

What is the Integrator Portal used for?

The Integrator Portal has a variety of uses including:

1. Simplifying setup

Initial setup is facilitated through a simple step-by-step process, enabling you to quickly and easily connect databases through the Integrator Portal.

2. Streamlining one-off tasks

Configuration can be done through the simplified GUI in the Portal. Since configuration only has to be done once, you can simply set it and forget it.

3. Accessing data and product insights

Use the Portal as a lens to see what your end users are asking and gain a better understanding of your users' motivations and needs. In the Portal, you have total visibility into common query trends, allowing you to highlight points of friction and see what data is in highest demand.

4. Developer assistance

Access API Keys, history logs, and all sorts of things that help developers gain important insights and get important work done, faster.

Who is the Integrator Portal for?

Developers, Product Owners and Managers, Project Managers, and Leadership can all make use of the Integrator Portal.

User role permissions can be assigned and updated within the Portal. Assign appropriate permissions to specific individuals within your organization to enable or restrict access to different sections/functions of the Portal.

How can the Integrator Portal be accessed?

Access the Integrator Portal here.

If you require login information, please send us an email here.