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About AutoQL Mobile

AutoQL mobile is a progressive web app (PWA) that gives you access to your AutoQL model on the go. Compatible to use on both Android and iOS devices, AutoQL Mobile lets you interact and discover data insights from anywhere and anytime.

How to Access AutoQL Mobile

Visit and enter your application ID and login information to access your model.



You need an AutoQL account to access the mobile web app. If you don’t have an account, contact to get your account created.

Interacting with Your Data

Data Messenger

To access Data Messenger, simply click on the Messenger icon located in the bottom left corner of the web browser (Data Messenger is the default window when you log in).

In the Messenger view, simply click on the input bar to type in questions or use the microphone icon to input questions that pertain to the data you wish to explore or see, and receive a response within seconds.

Data Messenger supports a range of flexible visualization options and several other tools designed to facilitate seamless data experiences.

To navigate to Data Explorer, notifications or the settings screen, simply click the icons in the bottom menu in the web browser.

Data Explorer

Click on the Data Explorer Icon in the bottom menu to navigate to this feature.

Now you can easily explore what data is available to you, and discover relevant queries you can ask in relation to that data. Here, you can search for a topic of interest (this may be a subject in your database (i.e. β€œcustomer”), or a value label contained in your database (i.e. Johnny Depp (customer name)), and you will receive a list of natural language queries you can ask pertaining to your input. Click on any query to run it and receive a data response.


Click on the Notifications icon to view any Data Alert notifications. When you have a new notification, there will be a red dot on your notification icon.



Data Alerts can only be set up using the web app on a Desktop.


Dark Theme

To turn on the dark theme, select Settings, then toggle the Theme button.

Navigating Between Different Projects

If you have additional models/projects created for your organization, navigate to settings and if there is a drop-down icon next to your project name, you can select another.