Integrator Services

The process of getting started with AutoQL can be broken down into stages. We'll provide you with all the details you'll need to be successful every step of the way.

Our dedicated team of data scientists and customer success professionals are here to ensure that your AutoQL integration is seamless, so you achieve high ROI in no time. We take care of building your customized conversational AI solution and work closely with you to deliver exceptional data experiences to your users.

Here's what to expect at each stage:


Through this collaborative stage, we’ll learn about your product, your goals, and the challenges faced by your customers and users.

What to expect:

  • ~1-hour meeting required with Customer to discuss product, user, and use case(s).
  • Goal: Product team to understand the business objective, product, users, and use cases. By the end of the meeting, we should agree on a focus and use case for the Pilot.

Database Connection & Technical Review

Customer provides access to a database connection.

Connection to a database can be facilitated in one of the following ways (in order of most-optimal to least-optimal):

  • Provide a whitelisted development environment
  • Provide a database backup that can be recovered in's cloud environment
  • Provide a data dump via CSV files

Find more detailed information about the Database Connection stage here. then performs a Technical Scope and any required prototyping to determine the feasibility of building a language model. At this stage, our technical team will take a look at your software and database to ensure efficiency and accuracy throughout the integration process.

What to expect:

  • After receiving a database connection, a 30-45 min follow-up meeting will be scheduled between and the customer's technical team (including someone with DB knowledge) to address any questions that come up during the technical review.


Collaboratively determine the scope and success criteria for the Pilot.

What to expect:

  • team generates a Pilot proposal including decided-upon requirements and recommendations. This is provided to the customer.


We get to work developing a high-quality training corpus and custom language model for your database.

At this stage, we collectively identify a high-priority focus area and concentrate initial language model training here. This allows us to show you AutoQL in action on your own database in under 2 weeks. Note: This is a basic, preliminary model that is built to support the scope previously decided-upon.

Next, presents the demo to the Customer and shares recommendations for going forward. The customer group also gets access to the demo environment and can begin testing firsthand.

Over the following weeks, the full interactive Pilot is iterated and expanded upon, and made available for user testing. It is continually tested and optimized over the remaining course of the ~3-month period.*

What to expect:

  • The team will need access to a product specialist or someone with database knowledge for ad-hoc questions throughout the Pilot period. We typically schedule 30 min/week with the Customer/Integrator team throughout the Pilot for updates and Q&A.
  • Goal: The outcome of the Pilot stage is validation that can develop an effective, viable language model and run AutoQL services on the customer-provided database.

Summary of Approximate Pilot Timeline:

  • First 2 weeks: Initial language model is built by team
  • Within Month 1: iterates and optimizes on initial model, presents and makes it available for testing by the customer group.
  • Months 2 & 3: Ongoing testing, iterations, and retraining take place, factoring in feedback from customers and user groups.

*Note: Pilots typically run over ~3-month periods, however this is subject to variation based on the scope and success criteria defined in earlier stages.

Development & Implementation

Following a successful pilot period, we expand our training of your custom model to provide holistic coverage of your entire database.

During this phase, we’ll provide plenty of resources and collaborate with you directly to plan the strategic roll out of this new feature/functionality in your organization.


This is where our strategic planning turns into action! AutoQL will go live in your application or business workflow, enabling you to deliver exceptional conversational data experiences to all your users.

Our team will work closely with you to ensure that your integration exceeds your and your users’ expectations.

Iteration & Expansion

We’re committed to continuous iteration and optimization of AutoQL. We make it our mission to make it easy for you to scale your investment, deploy new use cases, and leverage the power of conversational AI to generate new revenue for your business.