Data Messenger Overview

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What is Data Messenger?

Data Messenger is a totally customizable conversational user interface (CUI) designed to facilitate data query and analysis through natural language.

Check out this short three-part video to see Data Messenger in action in our demo environment (1/3):

Data Messenger is:

  • Fast and simple to implement (see our Widgets documentation for details about how to get set up)
  • Highly flexible and customizable (all components are open source)
  • Easy to use and accessible for all types of users

Data Messenger allows software vendors to deliver exceptional data interaction experiences and enhanced database access using the power of conversational AI, backed by technology that’s built to ensure excellent communication between human and machine. Leveraging AutoQL’s natural language to database query language translation technology, Data Messenger makes the process of interacting with data simple, efficient, and accessible for everyone. Users are empowered to interact with their data within the software they are using, simply by typing queries in everyday language.

For step-by-step instructions on implementing Data Messenger, start by selecting your preferred widget library.

What makes Data Messenger different?

Data Messenger makes it possible for users to query their data simply by asking questions in their own words. We call this a conversational data experience.


What is a Conversational Data Experience?

A conversational data experience is a dynamic interaction between a person and a database that closely mimics the intuitive way humans are accustomed to finding and exploring information in the real world: through natural language. While graphical user interfaces and use of specialized programming languages (database querying languages) are typical methods for accessing and analyzing data, a conversational data experience leverages innovative AI technologies to enable users to "just ask" for the data they are seeking using natural language — the same way they might ask another human — and receive the relevant data as a response.

We know that human conversation is complex. Data Messenger handles the nuances of how people communicate so that accessing data via our conversational AI technology is intuitive, easy, and incredibly efficient. We build powerful machine learning (ML) models to ensure that your users have exceptional experiences with Data Messenger. These models:

  • Provide a custom, searchable catalogue of natural language queries to get your users started, fast.
  • Verify references to unique data, so users always receive the data they need.
  • Automatically populate similar query suggestions as users type, so they get results quickly and easily.
  • Clarify meaning behind ambiguous queries, leading to efficient and accurate responses.

Check out the easy-to-use onboarding features we've made available in Data Messenger to help your users get started quickly and experience success right away (2/3):

Learn more about the technology and ML models that are at work behind the scenes to enable user success and adoption with Data Messenger.

How Data Messenger works for you

Completely customizable frontend components allow you to seamlessly embed and brand a conversational interface within your application, making it possible for your users to connect instantly and intuitively with their data through natural language.

How Data Messenger works for your users

Using natural language (their own words), users simply type their data-related questions into the messenger interface you’ve embedded in your application and immediately receive the data they need in easy-to-understand visualizations that make sense to them.

Learn more about what it's like to query data using natural language in Data Messenger (3/3):


  • Customizable Components - All components are open source, so the Data Messenger widget is highly flexible in terms of both function and design.

  • Dynamic Visualizations - Empower your users to understand and explore their data stories by providing them with on-demand access to compelling data visualizations, from easy-to-understand charts and graphs to comprehensive pivot tables.

  • Explore Queries - Explore Queries is a separate view within Data Messenger that allows the user to search for a topic or keyword and receive a custom, searchable catalogue of related natural language queries.

  • Single-Click Drill Downs - Give users instant access to the details underlying high-level data points, allowing them to gain critical context and uncover important insights in just seconds.

  • Tool Bar - Enable users to copy and paste information to a desired location, quickly download their results as a CSV or PDF, convert a query into a Dashboard tile or edit columns and filter tables, all from the comfort of your built-in messenger interface.